What is the role of the RC during the formulation and implementation of SDG-F-funded Joint Programmes?

The Resident Coordinator (RC) will remain accountable for the overall objectives of the proposals and will be responsible for adherence to the SDG-F’s guidance for formulation and implementation. The experience of the MDG-F showed that the Resident Coordinator had a critical role in ensuring the effective functioning of the JP’s governance structure and, particularly, in promoting and applying the MDG-F’s principles at the country level. These included: a) the importance of specific and direct financing for MDGs achievement; b) the incorporation of the principle of aid effectiveness; and c) the valued added in terms of the UN delivering together.  The RC is entrusted with leadership of the overall programme design, an ongoing programmatic oversight of the Fund’s activities and the co-chairing of National Steering Committee meetings. The RC’s role is to facilitate and motivate collaboration between Participating UN Organizations to ensure that the programme is on track and that expected results are being delivered. He or she will also be the main interface between the Secretariat and the MPTF Office on the one hand and the UNCT on the other.