MDG Achievement Fund’s experience

How does the SDG-F build on the MDG-F experience?

As the largest ever contribution of a single country to the UN Development System for the achievement of MDGs, the MDG-F reached more than 9 million direct participants through 130 joint programmes in 50 countries. Its work was anchored in integrated, holistic, approaches to development problems identified by national partners. In addition, the MDG-F established other thematic, advocacy and knowledge partnerships to advance the MDGs. All this experience has been extensively evaluated and analyzed, and findings from this evaluation process will be feeding the work of the new facility.

Is this just an expansion of the former MDG Achievement Fund?

No. The MDG Achievement Fund closed its operations in 2013. Even if the new facility shares with the MDG-F its inspiring principles (national ownership, multisectoriality, joint programmes implemented by multiple UN Agencies) and builds on its results, the SDG-F goes beyond the MDG-F in that it adapts to the new context of development aid, especially by placing a greater focus on sustainable development.

How do the MDG-F lessons learned and evaluations feed the SDG-F?

The MDG Achievement Fund (MDG-F) evaluation and knowledge management strategies have produced valuable insights on development cooperation in the form of lessons learned, key findings, knowledge products, publications and reports. All this knowledge has been compiled and is now accessible through the MDG-F’s website ( and online library.