Can some matching funds originate from a separate donor project or programme?

Yes, joint programmes can also use financial resources coming from other donors’ projects or programmes as matching funds. The programme will have a single Steering Committee (SC) and the donor or donors of the “matching initiatives” will be included in the SC. Please note that the donor/s of the “matching initiative” must sign a letter where the conditions of the SDG-F are acknowledged, and in particular, accepting visibility, accountability and governance conditions established by the SDG-F’s ToRs. Additionally, a copy of the already existing project/programmes must be attached to the Concept Note and to the Full-fledged programme document, so that the reviewers will be able to assess the feasibility of merging it with the joint programme. If available, monitoring reports, or mid-terms evaluations of the matching initiatives should also be attached. Accountability wise, according to the ToRs, the RC Office will be responsible for reporting on the global budget of the initiative: SDG-F finds plus matching funds.